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Strawberry Lime Lip balm

Strawberry lime

Strawberry Lime Lip balm


Product Details

Our sports lip balm is a blend of the highest quality, organic/natural Bees Wax along with Certified Organic Essential Oils and specially blended flavor oils which improve the health of your lips. No chemicals are used. Only skin conditioning oils and butters with all natural SPF 15 are incorporated to increase your resistance against weather conditions.

Use over lipstick to help color last longer.

We infuse oils for other products.we use only fresh—organic ingredients and natural preservatives along with quality skin conditioners such as:

Jojoba oil—a liquid wax, a close similarity to the natural sebum of your skin.

Shea butter—a natural skin conditioner, wrinkle softener with natural SPF.  

Menthol—pulls oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin to revitalize and “plump-up” the lips and gives a cool, tingling sensation—very healing.

Honey—has been forever known for its ability to smooth, sooth and condition skin.

Zinc Oxide— a natural sun blocker and helps heal damaged skin conditions.

Benzoin Essential Oil—used as an all-natural preservative extends the products shelf life to three to four years. Helps heal damaged skin.

Certified Organic Essential Oils—increases health and wellbeing.

The only unnatural thing about our lip balm is—it is unnaturally unique and loved by all who get the chance to use it. This is what you’ve been looking for. Increase your health and comfort using Soothing Oils Lip Balm handcrafted by Pinpoint Accuracy Inc.